Here's one approach, creating your own functions. There are, of course, existing helper functions out there for this sort of thing, probably within your frameworks. You could also use a templating library. But your application is so easy that those might not be necessary.

#!/usr/bin/env js

console.log("First, the hash.")

stuff = { this: 4, that: 5, those: 12 }


console.log("Here are the keys:")

keys  = Object.getOwnPropertyNames(stuff);

console.log("Here are the values:")

values  = Object.values(stuff);


console.log("Make the values into td elements:")

function td(str) { return "" + str + "\n" }

// The \n is the newline character.  It isn't actually necessary.

console.log( )

console.log("Make the values into a table row:")

function tr(hsh) {
	tds = Object.values(hsh).map(td)
	return "\n" + tds.join("") + ""

console.log( tr(stuff) )